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Rita Giudice

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Rita Giudice - Sales Consultant

A sales consultant since 1989, Rita Giudice has 22 years of experience and professionalism in the health and beauty products sector. Over that period she developed and refined her skills in relationship marketing to become an expert in turning prospective customers into loyal, time-tested clients.  
Rita provides PidiErre with qualified technical-commercial knowhow and guarantees market penetration in terms of business communications and relationship marketing – areas teeming with contenders and rife with competition. She’s worked with the PidiErre Team since 2000 and knows our expertise and services deeply. Over the years she has directly managed accounts for the organization of sales for various leading producers of health and fitness equipment and professional body care products. She speaks four languages. In 2009 she embarked on international business brokerage projects, applying her longtime experience in marketing and business management. She works with Thomas Tartaglino to provide support for Ines Boccato Winchell and Guido Poccardi in PidiErre’s management area.

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