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Ines Boccato

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Ines Boccato Winchell - President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

A public relations professional who amassed specific and broad-ranging experience at press offices and public relations departments at leading automakers and automotive industries. That early training led to her role as a freelance communications professional in the United States, 1985-1990. She was Communications Director for the start-up and management of the Press and Public Relations Office for several financial holdings companies based in Italy.   
In 1993, she founded the Punto di Riferimento srl (PdiR) Communication and Marketing Agency, known by its trademark PidiErre and established in product fields sector.
With her skills as an interpersonal communicator and her knowledge of business communication, she leads a solid, qualified and specialized Team.  
Since 2007, she is a registered Publicist in Torino.

"PidiErre®" is a trademark of Punto di Riferimento Srl©
Servizi di Comunicazione & Marketing Relazionale off e on line Business Communication Partner

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