Torino, 4th September 2009
Newsletter n° 0.09

For Punto di Riferimento Srl., 2009 is a year of exceptional importance, and here’s why. We’ve renewed our commitment to being ever more useful to our Clients. That’s our main priority, it’s fundamental. 
Since this company first started out, there have been many options available aimed at achieving that goal. One among them, we believe, stood out as most fitting, the right choice. And that was bringing together the experience and  know-how generated by Punto di Riferimento srl and its Edilight division over the past 16 years to form a unified center of operations to provide marked improvement in terms of quality and expanded services for the people who choose to work with us.
As always, at the heart of our work and in everything we do at the newly revamped PidiErre you’ll find commitment and continuous improvement. Our philosophy is straightforward, no-nonsense and transparent. With our command of the tools of the trade, we zoom in on one specific goal, and that is to offer a truly complete range of services to meet all demands for internal and external business communications.
The first change you’ll note is in our firm’s acronym. While to foreign readers PidiErre may look tougher to pronounce, in Italian this phonetic spelling actually simplifies things. For correct pronunciation, here’s the English phonetic spelling: pee-dee-air’ ray. Which, by the way, is how we’ve always pronounced it! The letters still stand for Punto di Riferimento, and that’s what we continue to be, a “Point of Reference”.

We’ve also got a brand-new logo. The old curves have been modernized with a fresh, dynamic look that encapsulates our know-how and our determination to go on growing and developing, ever attuned to the needs of our Clients.
PidiErre marks the latest in a long line of successes as we shift our production capacities to go beyond classic communications services. Today we offer Clients complete marketing plans, we create and produce packaging and displays, we manage telemarketing initiatives, we design and carry out specialized  consulting and training activities.

The new PidiErre Client-focused philosophy is centered around what we call the three A’s:

  • Awareness of Clients’ needs
  • Advantageous proposals
  • Affordability

At PidiErre we firmly believe that business communications is not merely a creative exercise, but marketing in the truest sense of the word, where the sole focus is the market in question and efficacy lies not just in a message’s ability to please, for it must provide a distinctive element of recognizability and commercial support to the sender.

Quality, creativity, efficacy in service  have always been givens for the entire  PidiErre team, without which survival in the communications world would be impossible. That’s why we feel it’s important from today on to take a look at some other features of our work, ones with more direct appeal in terms of our target’s needs.
Our communications services have become effective operative support for our Clients’ marketing and commercial strategies, while our role as a communications partner also means focusing on marked increases in the efficacy of our Clients’ commercial policies.

For us, change has meant facts of absolute importance. Our renewed and steadfast commitment translates into new and more highly efficacious modalities and methods. At PidiErre we…

- Understand Clients’ needs, and design and develop communications in line with their prospects for development;
- Provide cost estimates that are always in line with interlocutors’ opportunities for investment;

- Always provide Clients with a simple system for periodically checking their PidiErre budget;
- Monitor the efficiency of our communications interventions within a framework of the marketing principles applied or applicable to each individual case

The creation of this Newsletter is another sign of the changes at PidiErre. It’s a way of being truly useful to recipients rather than only a periodical promotional tool. It provides actual support for professionals who’d like to delve into what communicating an organization’s messages really means.
Each issue is another step along an easy-to-follow communications pathway, with update sections that focus on ideas and topics for reflection as well as  practical methods readers can use to develop their way of “being there”, whatever their professional or entrepreneurial area.
Through this Newsletter, PidiErre reveals important and effective information culled from years of experience and continuous updating as a communications and marketing agency.  




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