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Fabrizio Gremo

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Fabrizio Gremo - Reportage & Logistics Specialist

Professional photographer and registered journalist since 1994. Specialized in  photographic projects in Italy and internationally, guaranteeing functional creativity, clear-cut  organization and complete post-production work. He’s been dedicated to this mission since the tender age of 15, a self-taught genius who’s developed his art and continues to update and refresh his technical know-how.
He began his career in a sector near and dear to him – the world of auto rallies, where he honed his automobile product skills and knowledge. Indeed, to this day his automobile photography is an expression of style, technological prowess, technique and a social awareness of the automobile and its importance to people. Fabrizio is also a sports fan and has longstanding, proven experience in professional golf photography. His partnership with PidiErre dates back to 1999, and since then he has been immersed in editing, reportage and event logistics, working alongside Ines Boccato Winchell, Carolina Scrinzi and the PidiErre’s entire project team.

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