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• Background

The Registro Italiano Mazda MX-5 (RIM) is maintained by the agency of communication PidiErre (commercial brand of Punto di Riferimento srl) in Turin on behalf of Mazda Motor Italy SpA (Italian subsidiary of the Japanese brand that started its activities in 2000). Composed of professionals in the field of corporate communication, the Staff of the RIM (and PidiErre) has a value more: passion.

PidiErre follows the Mazda MX-5 Club since its inception: in 1994, with great tenacity, in fact promoting the initiative at the former importer and distributor until it got the recognition as the only officially recognized club in Italy: 3,000 owners contacted for then organizing the first National Meeting in May 1995.

In the office of Via Reiss Romoli 114, home of RIM, the plaques of international, national and local meetings, photo albums of various Rallies Seasons and many other interesting memories are collected with painstaking care and are proudly displayed on the walls and shelves. Mazda MX-5 is part of the history of PidiErre and "heart and passion" of all members of the working group.



The Registro Italiano Mazda MX-5 (RIM) is the MX-5 owners’ club, officially recognized by Mazda Motor Italia S.p.A. The club brings together Italian owners and fans of the world’s biggest-selling sports car.

Founded in 1994 by Mazda and managed by Punto di Riferimento s.r.l. (PidiErre), the Italian communications agency that promotes Mazda brand loyalty in Italy, today RIM counts more than 7,000 members. Since its founding, RIM, in collaboration with Mazda Motor Italia (MMI) and its Dealer Network in Italy, till 2012 has organized 95 local and national rallies, and has promoted events and twinships with MX-5 Clubs abroad. The Club has also been responsible for numerous special initiatives promoting interest in the world of Miata (as the MX-5 is also called in North America).

Registration in RIM is simple and free. To register, visit, click on “Registration” and fill in with the required information.  You’ll be part of the  MX-5 community and regularly receive news on initiatives promoted by RIM and Mazda Motor Italia.
Enjoy the website, where you can learn about the history of the club and the Mazda brand. It’s packed with interesting details and stories about the conception and production of the MX-5, the world’s best-selling sports car that’s joined the pantheon of great automobiles throughout history.

RIM’s headquarters are located in Torino, Northern Italy, via Reiss Romoli 114 (tel. +39 011 2740058). Offices open from Monday to Friday, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m, except August and December. Seasons Meetings begin, indicatively, from April and last until the end of September / October.

2. RIM’s HISTORY: 1994-1999

It dates back to 1994, the first action of the then direct Importer and Distributor to the Italian owners of Mazda MX-5, when in September and October of that year all Italian MX-5 Owners (approximately 3.000) were sent a letter in which they were asked what they thought of the creation of an MX-5 Club. Over 200 soon-to-be RIM Members replied enthusiastically, sending in their completed vehicle ID forms. This gave rise to our Mazda MX-5 database, which is still active today and managed jointly by Mazda Motor Italia and RIM.

The decision to call the newborn club “Registro Italiano Mazda MX-5” is a direct reference to the world of historic and collector’s automobiles. Indeed, just a few years following the release of the very first MX-5 series, it became clear that this unique sports car would go on to make history.

The Club’s first rally was held in May 1995 at the San Gaudenzio Castle near Pavia, with some 20 crews participating in a meeting that saw them cruising the soft hills of Northern Italy’s Oltrepò Pavese country – together, for the first time. Meanwhile, RIM had begun contacting other European and American MX-5 Clubs, which led to highly profitable exchanges of information and newsletters, as well as future rallies.

April 1998 saw the presentation of the new MX-5 at the Torino Auto Show, ushering in a decisive season for RIM. From that moment on, all those who buy a MX-5 in Italy, are automatically associated with the RIM (you must log in to the site, click on "Register " and leave your data). Since then, this was a great success and allow the Italian Register Mazda MX-5 to consolidate more and more as an important reality of the international Clubs dedicated to what is now the world's best selling Spider, which global production has reached, February 4th, 2011, 900.000 units.

On the eve of the new millennium, the owners of Mazda MX-5 subscribers of RIM reached two thousand, reaching nearly six thousand in 2011. For over 16 years, the RIM is still evolving, with its image and brand identification already entered the hearts of all the Miata fan, not just Italians.

3. RIM’s HISTORY: The New Millennium

The founding of Mazda Motor Italy on February 1st, 2000 – a date which also marked Mazda’s 80th anniversary –  signaled the start of a new era for RIM, which would culminate in 2002 with the grand season of "MX-5 Share the Passion" events. The events were centered around a 2 month-long Italian tour featuring at least one event per week. "MX-5 Share the Passion"  was stirred day after day and was topped off by an Italian National rally in Brescia on May 19. The "1.000 curves" event went down in the RIM "record book" and impressed participants as "one of the most beautiful sights ever seen from a Mazda MX-5". One hundred MX-5s formed a huge "snake" nearly half a kilometer long. The enthusiasm was truly contagious.

The immense passion that drives RIM’s work team blends with Members’ enthusiasm to make RIM one of the most long-lived automobile Clubs in Italy. In  2005 RIM celebrated its 10th anniversary – which really is an accomplishment, especially for a Club regarding mass-produced vehicles still in production.

Also in 2005, the Mazda MX-5 released its third generation of vehicles, equipped with a whole host of comforts, which once again propelled the brand to the top of the market and the top of its segment.

The celebration was in high style at the 2005 Bologna Motorshow for the world’s first presentation of the M3* – as RIM members called the third Mazda MX-5 generation. And what unique festivities, with some 500 RIM Members as Mazda Motor Italia’s guests at the “Zoom Zoom” stand. When the new “Nude in 12 seconds” was unveiled, the applause was deafening. An episode that once again provides testimony for great interest in the MX-5 – the world’s most famous and best-selling sports car.

(*) M refers to the Mazda brand; the number following it refers to the chronological series of Mazda MX-5 editions produced: M1: 1989 – 1998; M2:  1998 – 2005; M3: 2005 – present.

4. RIM 2008-2012

Always on behalf of Mazda Motor Italy SpA and its Sales Network, here is the escalation of the Mazda MX-5 Rallies Crews Participants to the RIM events in the last three years: 2008 - 363 crews; 2009 – 474 crews; 2010 – 605 crews; 2011 - more than 400 crews; 2012 - 114 crews.
The 2009 season "The Winds of Discovery" was one of the most special in recent years: 2009 celebrated the anniversary of 20 years of the legendary Miata. On this occasion, Mazda Motor Italy and its sales network, in collaboration with the RIM organized a calendar of events from April until the end of September, which included celebrations at every rally, in every place touched by the Mazda MX-5 caravans along the peninsula. Participants were thrilled with many pleasant surprises, including a chance to blow out the candles on the MX-5 birthday cakes featured at each of the 8 rallies held in honor of Mazda and the best-selling sports car in the world. To mark the MX-5’s 20th anniversary, Italian MX-5 lovers celebrated with some unexpected gifts of their own:

  • after 9 years, the 100-crew record for participation held by the MX-5 National Rally in Brescia, set on May 19, 2000, was broken with 112  MAZDA MX-5 crews attending the MX-5 rally held in Alba, Alessandria and Asti (the 7th edition of the “Langhe Expeditions”), May 24;
  • a warm welcome for “guest star” Tom Matano, MX-5 Designer, at the MX-5 rally in Saronno (the 4th edition of  “Not Just A Lake”), June 16, with 70 MX-5 crews from all over Italy on hand;
  • 2 new partnerships with several major Independent Italian Clubs: following collaboration with the M1 Club Italia in September 2008, at the Mazda rally in Leonori (“La Dolce Vita in MX-5”), 2009 saw RIM working with the Miata Club Sicilia for the organization of the first Mazda Essedue Catania rally (“On the Trail of the Sicilmiata”, June 28) and the MX-5 Pulp Grup for the organization of the first Mazda Bari rally (“MX-5 Queen of the Castle”, September 20).
But the successes could not finish and therefore in 2010, the 90th anniversary of Mazda Motor Corporation and Mazda Motor Italy 10 years, another season with the title "MMX ... 5 - Tour 2010" has once again made the MX-5 undisputed star! Starting from 8 scheduled rallies, in fact the 2010 season has also seen three big surprises:

  • On April 24th RIM participated at the first edition of Quattroruote’s “Rally of the Rallies” on Vairano's (PV) race track, reaching the biggest Club record with 114 very colorful crews;
  • On September 18th five crews, selected by Mazda Motor Italy among the members of the RIM, were present for our country in Essen (Germany) during the event to reach the Guinness World Record for the MX-5, with as many as 459 cars that have formed the longest snake ever;
  • on November 21st it was the turn of the special "A Turin for two", an extra Rally organized by the RIM together with the two dealers Audiello&Varallo and Seven Motors. As a further plus: the great return of the Piedmont’s chief town, home of RIM, as the location of a meeting and the participation of 48 crews though the winter.
The "Mazda MX-5 Tour 2011 - Guinness Season - Objective one million" marks an unforgettable events year that has ended on December 1st with the MX-5 Parade at the Bologna Motorshow, a unique contest, the first in RIM's history that crystallizes the success achieved in Italy by the jewel of Mazda. 8 stages, over 400 Mazda MX-5, which have driven for about 800 miles, 3000 Mazda branded gadgets contained in the participation kit, 42 medals delivered to the winners, six journalists from the national press in the wake of the meetings guidance of one of the MX-5 Open Race present at each meeting, over 330 dedications of the Diaries, 4 dealerships new entries that have hosted the stages of Genoa, Frosinone, Rimini and Siena and over 80 teams who participated for the first time at a gathering of RIM. 12.000 brochures, 12.000 fresheners for cars, 12.000 personalized chocolates have been to the public, who flocked around the Mazda MX-5 during the parades of each location reached.

From 2012, MMI and RIM obey to the input of a fluctuating market and focus all their energies, with extraordinary results, on the following events:

•   the 10th Meeting “Andar per Langhe” on My 21st 2012 will remain Mazda’s classic event whose goal was to beat himself. It will remain in the annals as the oldest and with more participants tha any other Italian event dedicated to MX-5. In this edition 114 participating crews demonstrated once more its loyalty to the Japanese brand and its initiatives

•   with 118 participating crews, the 2013 edition of “Andar per Langhe” beats a new record

•   the first independent Meeting “Il Deserto dei Tartari”, organized by RIM in conjunction with Cabriomeeting, rewards the collaboration and friendship between Clubs and give life to a magic: 50 crews answer the call in a gloomy autumn day. It was the 3rd October 2013 in those of Trentino and Veneto

•   on May 25th 2014 the 12th edition of “Andar per Langhe” does not disappoint: 115 participating crews against the 118 of 2013… a record that remains unbeaten

•   Barcelona, September 6th 2014: the "MAZDA MX-5 Fan Event" gives hospitality to a selected group of Italian Miata owners who had the opportunity to see in world premiere the fourth generation of the spider that has become a legend

•   March 28th, 2015, at Mazda's Design Center in the Brera area in Milan, MMI in collaboration with RIM organized an event truly unique. A happening only dedicated to the fourth generation of the Mazda MX - 5 premiered to 60 lucky owners of the world's bestselling roadster.

•   on May 24th 2015 the 13th edition of “Andar per Langhe” beats with 122 participating crews the record of 2013. 122 Driver, Co-Driver 104, and 23 staff members celebrated so the imminent arrival of the fourth generation of spider world's best selling and 20 years since the first national Meeting of RIM: it was the weekend of 19th, 20th and 21st May 1995 at the Castle of San Gaudenzio (PV)!

•   October 18th, 2015 between Rome and Perugia the 22nd National MX-5 Meeting “Icons Celebration” went on scene. 58 crews walked the red carpet of the Rome Film Festival and then reached Miataland, a magical place where it it was possible to admire the most important collection of MX-5 in the world.

2016 opens with a two days trip in Barcelona, on February 18th and 19th, dedicated to the shared passion for the Mazda MX-5. “MX-5 Founding Friends Event”: this is the title of the happening which hosted the  representatives of the European Clubs and a very selected group of journalists . Three the Italians crews who have had the chance to have fun not only when driving the fourth generation of the best-selling roadster in the world but also by participating at collateral team events that have spurred the Community spirit : the Light Painting session was very funny so as the speed race with driving simulators . Theatre of the meeting with the Mazda MX-5 Friends has been the “Mazda Space, 2.000 square meters in the heart of Barcelona that, since August 2014, host all the European events of the Japanese manufacturer.


On December 20, 2002 RIM inaugurated the website, entirely dedicated to the magical universe of the world’s best-selling sports car, where passion becomes real thanks to the great wealth of news and info that drive the "MX-5 desire".

A large space devoted to the history of the legendary roadster, information and technical data sheets, stories of travel and suggested itineraries, along with a calendar full of meetings and events are just some of the "voices" of the menu Among the most interesting sections it is to highlight the rich library, which contains reviews of many books published worldwide having as argument Mazda MX-5. In addition, all members of the RIM have the opportunity to tell their emotions in MX-5 and share with the ”Community" images and words devoted to once own treasure. The market sell / search / exchange, the section with the history of RIM, sightings and a growing "photo gallery" enrich the offer of, which has evolved over the years, demonstrating the nature of the passion of a web site that has become the historical memory of the RIM, where you can find everything.

Last but not least the "Press" section dedicated to press releases with a complete archive of high resolution images available to Journalists and Experts.

Visit  to become a RIM Member free of charge. Just provide us with the required personal information and details of your MX-5 to learn more about the long history behind RIM and the MX-5, and relive the thrills of the Club’s many exciting rallies – check out event summaries and enjoy  photo and video contributions in the website’s most popular sections (menu: Rallies / reports / videos).

Since 2009 the Italian Registry Mazda MX-5 is also on Facebook and YouTube, thus increasing the opportunity to interact with members and fans of the world's best selling two-seater!


Rallies held 1995 - 2013: 106
Italian Rallies: 22
Special Events:    16
International Events: 5
Local Rallies: 63
Indipendent Rallies: 1
At the website registered members (up to September 2013): 7.979
People participating at the “Andar per Langhe 2015” Rally: 122
Video on YouTube up to February 2015: 130
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The great passion that animates RIM’s project team mixed with the enthusiasm of the “Shareholders”, have made the official MX-5 Club one of the long-lasting of Italy. In 2015 it celebrated the first 20 years of activity: many, especially for a series car - and still in production - club.

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